Vision & Mission


Kent Career Tech Center will be the community's first choice for a world-class education focusing on career exploration, career preparation, and continuing education leading to successful employment.


Kent Career Tech Center will provide a world-class education through giving students opportunities to:

  • experience rigorous and relevant core content
  • challenge and develop thinking, foster creativity, and develop the ability to use technology
  • develop leadership, communication, and collaboration skills
  • interact with industry professionals
  • connect to post-secondary/continuing education


The values of Kent Career Tech Center are:

  • Trust - Placing and having confidence in others
  • Integrity - Acting with honest intent
  • Accountability/Responsibility - Being depended on to fulfill professional obligations
  • Continuous Improvement - Learning and constantly developing to achieve our Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Respect - Recognizing the worth, quality, and importance of others regardless of position and background
  • Cooperation - Working together toward a common goal
  • Flexibility - Being open and adaptive to change requirements
  • Quality - Striving for excellence which results in customer satisfaction